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Did you know that Annie Banannie Clothing is made from Organically sourced, Free range, Fair Trade Certified Unicorn hair?
It’s then woven by Elves we’ve rescued from the diamond factories of Mordor.
It’s stitched together by Mermaids who’re seeking freedom from undersea kings.
Then, it’s packaged by Fairies for Equal Pay opportunities, We. Want. More. Than. Teeth.
And finally, delivered to your door by Woodland animals who are sick of cleaning.
Ok not really. It’s actually sewn and designed by the old woman who lived in a shoe….  who has so many children that she de-stresses by sewing beautiful things.   
My Name is Tabitha, and I really do love seeing all the beautiful babies out there in my handmade clothing. 

All your fabrics are handpicked by me, and I only use materials I put on my own millions of children.
Most of our designs are made with cotton woven, or for the knit dresses, a cotton base with other plant fibers mixed in, with enough spandex to give it a great stretch and feel.  What this does is allow you to put most of our outfits, even the super fancy ones, in the washing machine and simply lay flat to dry. For the woven dresses, a hot iron is recommended to keep it looking fresh and new, but wrinkles are your choice.  It’s a free country.  

We all have lives.  Why spend yours slaving over laundry?

I admit, I’m a snarky person.  Comes from living in a shoe with millions of children.  But I hope you enjoy our products and you love our little shop enough to make some of our pieces staples in your littles wardrobe. 

 We also love working with some fantastic photographers!  If you want amazing pictures for your family I highly reccommend checking them out!

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